The most important element when you register on Adult Hookup sites, the photo! So pay attention to the choice of your photos, in all the sites of meetings you have the possibility to choose which photo you wish to put in main photo, and this is one of the number 1 criteria that will hold the attention of the other.

8 rules to remember when choosing your photos

  • Take the one that makes you the most value, the one where many people told you that you were good on it.
  • Take a picture where you seem the most natural, taken a meal, on vacation, with friends … (But avoid the picture where you are surrounded by barely masked girls …)
  • Avoid photos taken in front of your bathroom mirror (left profile, right, face …). You have no one, a friend, a sister to take your picture or at least a self-timer? You can click here at for further help.
  • Avoid the photo taken in your bed half naked (unless you want to be very clear about your intentions but you will limit your field of attack)
  • Avoid the photo with a nerdy decor in the background, unless you’re a real fan of your home decor in this case it will immediately be fixed on your taste … (The playboy calendar in the background we forget!)
  • And for pity the photo taken at Mamie in front of the stuffed deer on your last visit we also forget. (Because the girl who consults your picture can imagine that it’s yours!)
  • The sluts on the couch with the old Sunday jog too
  • The photo where you had 10kg less 6 months ago we forget too, because even if you manage to hang with her, during the physical meeting, you risk running away and have lost a lot of your time reciprocal.

The idea of the Best Adult Hookup Sites is to take a picture, portrait of your face, and put at least one picture of you in full foot, to see your body as a whole!

The top is to put a lot of photos so that she has a real preview of your appearance.

But it’s like when you’re having a job interview, you have to highlight everything that enhances you, so just put pictures of you nice, do not put others. Read more at regarding the same.